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LGBT is an acronym that stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.” 

The word queer was mainly used as an insult. However, many people have since decided to reclaim it and take away the power from other people to use it to harm others. Accordingly, this word is used to encompass all identities under the LGBT umbrella. However, it would be best never to use the word on people unless they show signs of accepting it. 

The difference between sexuality, gender identity, and sexual orientation tends to be complex and hard to decipher. However, sexual orientation refers to people attracted to others to whom they have a physical or emotional attraction, love, or date. The term LGBT is used to refer to sexual orientations such as lesbian, gay, and bisexual. On the other hand, gender identity refers to a person’s gender experience. Transgender refers to a person’s gender identity. In a nutshell, gender identity is associated with who you are, while sexual orientation is associated with who you love. 

People learn about their sexuality in different stages. Some may learn about it at an early age, while some realize it when they are already adults. It is essential to support individuals who are in the process of determining their sexuality and help them accept who they are. 

The pink triangle is mainly regarded as an LGBT symbol. This was derived from the Nazi Death Camps during the Second World War. Gay and bisexual men were forced to have the pink triangle as an identity. Lesbians and bisexual women were arrested and used as sex workers in those days. With time, the LGBT community adopted the pink triangle as a symbol of pride. 

Yes. HIV/AIDS is contracted through the exchange of body fluids. Though not based on sexual orientation, HHIV/AIDS can infect anyone, gay or straight. 

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