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» Hawaii Has Something To Teach The
    'Religious Freedom' Movement,

    Civil Beat 04/15/15


» A Vital Records Change For The
    Transgender Community,

    Civil Beat 04/13/15


» Gay Dad's Bullying Video Goes Viral,

    KITV, 04/03/15


» Anti-Bullying Measure: A Bill Whose Time
    Has Finally Come,

    Civil Beat, 04/02/15


» 'Religious Freedom' Law: The Difference
    Between Indiana And Hawaii,

    Civil Beat, 03/31/15


» Contradictory Efforts On School Bullying,
    Workplace Harassment,

    Civil Beat, 03/24/15


» Transgender Students Learn To Navigate
    School Halls,

    Hawaii Public Radio, 03/06/15


» Name In The News: Jacce S. Mikulanec,
    Star Advertiser, 03/06/15


» Civil Beat Expands Editorial Staff With
    Eye Toward 'Impact Journalism,

    Civil Beat, 03/02/15


» Panel Backs Bill To Ease Gender Switch
    On State Birth Certificate,

    Star Advertiser / AP, 02/18/15


» Lawmakers Hui Backs Anti-Bullying Bills,
Star Advertiser, 01/30/15


» Hawaii Republican Caucus Has Grown
    Socially Conservative,

    Star Advertiser, 01/04/15


» Beyond Gay Marriage, Challenges Ahead
    For Gay Rights Groups,

    West Hawaii Today / AP, 01/02/15


» Blake Oshiro Resumes Legal Career,
    Civil Beat, 12/31/14


» Republican Representative Joins
    Democratic Party,

    Hawaii News Now, 12/29/14


» Michael Sam: Coming Out Was Right
    Thing To Do,

    Star Advertiser / AP, 12/28/14


» Justices Question Challenge To
    Same-Sex Marriage Law,

    Star Advertiser, 12/19/14








» Activists To Mark 50th Anniversary
    Of  First Gay Protest,

    Washington Blade, 04/15/15


» France Standing Firm On Appointment
    Of Gay Ambassador To Vatican City,

    Gay Star News, 04/15/15


» Egyptian Court Sets Precedent For
    Deportation Of Gays,

    Towleroad, 04/15/15


» Clinton Urges Supreme Court To
    Rule For Marriage Equality,

    Washington Blade, 04/15/15


» Guam To Process Gay Marriage
    License Applications,

    The Washington Post, 04/14/15


» As Country Changes, Rubio And
    Republicans Try To Adjust,

    HPR / NPR, 04/14/15


» Meet The US Military's First Out
    Trans Soldier,

    Gay Star News, 04/11/15


» Obama Calls For End To 'Conversion 
    Therapies For LGBT Youth,

    The New York Times, 04/08/15


» This Gay Dad Took To YouTube Because He's
    Fed Up With Sons Being Bullied,

    Gay Star News, 04/05/15


» Religion Laws Quickly Fall Into Retreat
    In Indiana And Arkansas,

    The New York Times, 04/03/15


» Gay Marriage State By State: A Trickle
    Became A Torrent,

    The New York Times, 03/30/15


» Indiana To 'Clarify' New Law Decried
    As Anti-Gay,

    The Washington Post, 03/30/15


» Here Are The Other US States That Have
    Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Laws...,

    Gay Star News, 03/30/15


» 2015 Trans 100 Honors Positive Work By
    Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming...,

    Huffington Post, 03/30/15


» Pro-Discrimination 'Religious Freedom'
    Laws Are Dangerous,

    The Washington Post, 03/29/15


» Pence's Struggles Illustrate Gay Rights
    Challenge Facing GOP,

    CNN, 03/29/15


» With Gay Marriage Case Pending, Religion
    Bills Gain Ground,

    ABC News, 03/28/15












» NOM Clueless Before US SCOTUS, 

   Marriage News Watch, 04/13/15


» The Four Worst Supreme Court Arguments
   On Marriage,
Marriage News Watch, 04/06/15


» Texas Still Using DOMA To Attack
   Gay Couples,
Marriage News Watch, 03/29/15


» Laws To Stop Marriage Equality
   Grow Increasingly Weird,

Marriage News Watch, 03/16/15


» Watch: Obama Invokes Gay Rights
    Movement In Selma Commemoration,
The Advocate, 03/07/15


» Texas Gets Things Wrong On Marriage,
Marriage News Watch, 03/02/15


» Anti-Gay Lawmakers Seek Revenge
   With New Laws,
Marriage News Watch, 02/02/15


» Will The Supreme Court Take On
    Same-Sex Marriage?,
The Wall Street Journal, 01/12/15


» Teen's Suicide Note Resonates With
   Transgender Community And Supporters,

  PBS, 01/05/15


» Florida Marriage Equality Is Still
   In Jeopardy,

  Marriage News Watch, 01/05/15


» Republicans, Voters React To Losing Rep.
   Aaron Johnson To Democrats,

   KITV, 12/30/14


» What You Need To Know About Florida's
   Marriage Mess,

   Marriage News Watch, 12/29/14


» Threat Of Arrests For Letting Gays Marry,
Equality On Trial, 12/22/14


» Hawaii's First Same-Sex Marriage In

   Hawaii News Now, 12/19/14


» State May Have To Pay For Marriage

   Marriage News Watch, 12/15/14


» Florida Ordered To Let Gays Marry
   In One Month,

   Marriage News Watch, 12/08/14


» One Year Anniversary of Same-Sex
   Marriage In Hawaii,

  Hawaii News Now, 12/03/14


» Kansas Counties Still Refuse To Issue

   Marriage News Watch, 11/24/14