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» Off The News: An Anniversary Passes

    Star Advertiser, 11/14/14


» Marriage Equality Anniversary,
    Hawaii Public Radio, 11/13/14


» Gay Wedding Impact For Hawaii?
    $26.6M Annually,

    Civil Beat, 11/12/14


» Hawaii's Economic Impact From Same-Sex
    Marriage $27M, Says NerdWallet,

    Pacific Business News, 11/12/14


» Justices To Hear Arguments On Marriage
    Equality Law,

    Star Advertiser, 11/12/14


» An Open Letter To Those Who Opposed
    Marriage Equality In Hawaii,

    Civil Beat, 11/10/14


» Abercrombie To Win Award For Work
    On Gay Marriage,

    Star Advertiser, 11/10/14


» Ige Defeats Aiona In Landslide Vote,
    Civil Beat, 11/05/14


» 2014 General Election Results,
    Hawaii News Now, 11/05/14


» Takai Bests Rival Djou,
    Star Advertiser, 11/05/14


» Schatz Wins, Gets To Keep Senate Seat,
    Star Advertiser, 11/04/14


» Dem. Tulsi Gabbard Re-Elected To Hawaii's
    U.S. House Seat In 2nd District,

    Pacific Business News, 11/04/14


» Hawaii Sets New Low In Voter Turnout,
   Star Advertiser, 11/04/14


» DOE Receives Federal Funds To Enhance
    Safety, Mental Health Initiatives,

    West Hawaii Today, 11/03/14


» Ige Up By 6 Over Aiona,
   Civil Beat, 10/28/14


» Takai-Djou Race Too Close To Call,
   Civil Beat, 10/28/14


» New Hope's Evangelism Has A
    Political Flavor,

    Civil Beat, 10/27/14


» Takai Best Choice For U.S. House,
   Star Advertiser, 10/26/14



» LGBT-Affirming Christians Gather in D.C.,
    The Advocate, 11/14/14


» Same-Sex Couples Petition Supreme
    Court On Right To Marriage,

    The New York Times, 11/14/14


» Mexico City Lawmakers Approve Trans
    Rights Bill,

    Washington Blade, 11/14/14


» Evangelicals Step Back From Gay
    Marriage Fight,

    CNN, 11/14/14


» States Where Students Get Harassed The
    Most For Their Sexual Orientation,

    Huffington Post, 11/13/14


» The Emotional Element Of Remembering
    The Trans Dead,

    LGBT Weekly, 11/13/14


» UN Panel Questions Gay Conversion
    Therapy In US,

    MSNBC, 11/13/14


» Q&A: Sorting Confusion Over Kansas
    Gay Marriage,

    AP, 11/13/14


» HI State Supreme Court To Hear Marriage
    Appeal Brought By GOP Crackpot,

    Joe.My. God., 11/12/14


» Same-Sex Marriages Are Booming
    In Hawaii,

    Travel Agent Central, 11/12/14


» Federal Judge Strikes Down South Carolina
    Same-Sex Marriage Ban,

    Metro Weekly, 11/12/14


» Why The U.N. Should Consider 'Ex-Gay'
    Therapy Torture,

    The Advocate, 11/10/14


» US Catholic Bishops Try To Calm Anxiety
    Over Pope,

    ABC News, 11/10/14


» U.S. Transgender People Welcome Easier
    Path To Amend Birth Papers,

    Reuters, 11/10/14


» HRC Launches Deep South TV Campaign
    For Gay Rights,

    On Top Magazine, 11/09/14


» Hong Kong Gay Pride Gets Boost From
   'Umbrella Movement' Supporters,

    Gay Star News, 11/09/14





» Sixth Circuit Loss Could Be Supreme
    Court Win
    Marriage News Watch, 11/10/14


» Democrat David Ige Elected Hawaii
    KITV, 11/04/14


» Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm Proud To
    Be Gay'
    CNN, 10/30/14


» Djou Vs. Takai: A Closer Look At The
   CD1 Candidates,

   KITV, 10/28/14


» A Few Anti-Gay Governors Just Won't
   Admit Defeat,

   Marriage News Watch, 10/27/14


» Meet The Only Out Trans Staffer On
    Capitol Hill,

    The Advocate, 10/27/14


» DC Political Groups Spend More Than
    $3M On Gov's Race,

    Hawaii News Now, 10/27/14


» Campaign 2014:
   Getting To Know Shan,

    Hawaii News Now, 10/22/14


» Three More States Just Won Marriage

   Marriage News Watch, 10/20/14


» TV Goes Purple For Spirit Day,
   The Advocate, 10/17/14


» Who Has Marriage, Who Doesn't,
   & What's Next,

   Marriage News Watch, 10/13/14


» Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage
   Appeals From 5 States,

   AP, 10/06/14


» Why Aiona, Hannemann Didn't Speak
   Out On Same-Sex Marriage,

   Hawaii News Now, 10/06/14


» NOM Has A New Conspiracy Theory,
Marriage News Watch, 10/06/14


» Gubernatorial Candidates Clash In
   Televised Debate,

   KITV, 10/01/14


» What To Expect From Supreme Court
   Marriage Meeting,

   Marriage News Watch, 09/29/14


» Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hints At Marriage

   Marriage News Watch, 09/22/14