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   Star Advertiser, 10/23/14


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» Changes Afoot In State House,
   Star Advertiser, 10/21/14


» Turf Shifts In Culture Wars As Support
   For Gay Marriage Rises,

   Hawaii Public Radio, 10/20/14


» 9th Circuit Says Hawaii Gay Marriage
   Suit Is Moot,

   Civil Beat, 10/20/14


» David Ige Our Choice For Governor,
Star Advertiser, 10/19/14


» No Conflict Here: Students Resolve To
   Reduce Bullying,

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» Hawaii Governor's Poll: Ige Has
   Double Digit Lead,

   Hawaii Reporter, 10/13/14


» Some Mormons Pushing Church On
   Gay Marriage,

   Star Advertiser / AP, 10/12/14


» Aiona Campaign Aims To Win Religious

   Star Advertiser, 10/12/14


» Dignity Honolulu Marks Its Annual
   Solidarity Sunday,

   Star Advertiser, 10/11/14


» Tears, Cheers As Gay Couples Get
   Married In Vegas,

   Star Advertiser, 10/10/14


» Political Radar: Equality,
Star Advertiser, 10/08/14










» Hundreds To Attend Global LGBT Rights
    Conference In Mexico,

    Washington Blade, 10/22/14


» Will The Military Lift Its Ban On
    Transgender Troops?,

    U.S. News & World Report, 10/22/14


» Gay Marriage At The Gates Of The
      Mormon Temple,

   The Telegraph, 10/22/14


» Transgender, Gay Inmates Sue Over
    Jail Rights,

   ABC News / AP 10/22/14


» Puerto Rico's Gay Marriage Ban Upheld
    By Federal Judge,

   Los Angeles Times, 10/21/14


» Small Towns, Small Hearts: The Battle For
   Gay Rights In Rural America,

   The New York Times, 10/21/14


» Obama: Equal Protection Clause Guarantees
  Same-Sex Marriage In All States,

  The New Yorker, 10/21/14


» Special Envoy For Gay Rights Needed,
The Hill, 10/21/14


» Seoul Mayor Backtracks On Gay Marriage,
Gay Star News, 10/20/14


» Seoul Mayor Backtracks On Gay Marriage,
Gay Star News, 10/20/14


» Catholic Bishops Scrap Welcome
   To Gays,

   Huffington Post / AP, 10/19/14


» Marine Accused In Murder Of Transgender
   Filipino Tests U.S.-Philippine Ties,

   LGBTQ Nation, 10/19/14


» Rome Mayor Defiantly Registers 16 Gay

   ABC News / AP, 10/18/14


» Gay-Rights Group Backs Use Of
   HIV-Prevention Pill,

   ABC News / AP, 10/18/14


» US Poll: Young Catholics Overwhelmingly
   Support Same-Sex Marriage,

   Pink News, 10/18/14


» LGBT Americans Celebrate, But Atrocities
   Abroad Escalate,

   The Advocate, 10/17/14


» Courts Knock Down Gay Marriage Bans
   In Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming,

   Reuters, 10/17/14







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   Appeals From 5 States,

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   Out On Same-Sex Marriage,

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» State's Largest Union Backs Ige,
   Hawaii News Now, 09/01/14


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   Marriage If Asked,

   Hawaii News Now, 09/02/14


» Judge Slams Indiana's Anti-Gay

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» Virginia Marriages In Supreme Court's

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» Next Wave Of Marriage Cases Reaches
   Supreme Court,

   Marriage News Watch, 08/11/14


» Abercrombie Concedes Democratic Race
   For Governor,

   KHON2, 08/10/14


» Obama Acknowledges Global LGBT
   Rights Movement At Gay Games,

   The Advocate, 08/10/14