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» Hawaii's Primary Election Turnout Likely
   Near All-Time Low This Year,

   Civil Beat, 08/10/14


» U.S. Senate Too Close To Call,
Star Advertiser, 08/10/14


» Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie Throws Support
   To Ige After Defeat In Democratic Primary,

   Pacific Business News, 08/09/14


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   Takai Triumphs,

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» Hawaii Legislature: Most Incumbents Win,
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   Marriage Bans,

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» "Panic Defense" Bill Sent To California
   Gov. Jerry Brown,

   SDGLN, 08/28/14


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   Where They Stand,

   AP, 08/26/14


» US Judge Strikes Down Florida Gay
   Marriage Ban,

   ABC News / AP, 08/21/14


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   AP, 08/20/14


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   Ends As Rep. Hanabusa Concedes,

   TIME, 08/20/14


» Smithsonian Adds LGBT History To Its
   Museum Collection...,

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» Utah Poll: Most Oppose Gay Marriage,
  Think Supreme Court Will Leagalize It,

   The Salt Lake Tribune, 08/19/14


» A Win For Gay Rights Over "Religious
   Liberty" In New York State,

   Slate, 08/18/14


» Irish Poll: 86% Approve Of Gay And
   Lesbian Couples,

   Pink News, 08/18/14




» Judge Slams Indiana's Anti-Gay

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» Virginia Marriages In Supreme Court's

   Marriage News Watch, 08/18/14


» Next Wave Of Marriage Cases Reaches
   Supreme Court,

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» Abercrombie Concedes Democratic Race
   For Governor,

   KHON2, 08/10/14


» Obama Acknowledges Global LGBT
   Rights Movement At Gay Games,

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   Thursday Debate,

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Human Rights Campaign, 07/09/14


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