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   UH Professor Says,

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    But Maneuvering Rages On In Richmond,

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    A Transgender Employee?,

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» Tambor Dedicates Best Actor Win For
    'Transparent' To Transgender Community,

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» Supreme Court Faced Gay Rights Decision
    In 1958 Over 'Obscene' Magazine,

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    The New York Times, 01/10/15


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    First Same-Sex Couple,

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    After Revealing He Is Gay,

    The Telegraph, 01/10/15


» For Jeb Bush, Evolving Views Over
    2 Decades,

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» In Oregon, Medicaid Now Covers
    Transgender Medical Care,

    NPR, 01/10/15


» Supreme Court Takes No Action On
    Same-Sex Marriages,

    The Washington Post, 01/09/15


» 5th Circuit Looks Poised To Strike Down
    Same-Sex Marriage Bans,

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    Court Win
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