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    Birth Certificate Bill

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    A Pro-Gay-Marriage Ruling,

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    Expand Anti- Discrimination Laws,

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» Bullies Beware,

    Star Advertiser, 04/25/15


» BOE Weighs Expansion Of
    Sex Ed Policy,

    Star Advertiser, 04/22/15







» Kenya Newspaper Prints List
    Of 'Top Homos',

     Gay Star News, 05/11/15


» A "Reality Check" For The Regnerus
    Study On Gay Parenting,

     The Washington Post, 05/10/15


» Violence, Hostility Slow Europe's Progress
    On LGBTI Equality...,

     Reuters, 05/10/15


» Study: American Sports Are The Most
    Homophobic And Unsafe,

     The Advocate, 05/10/15


» Castro's Daughter Holds Unofficial
    Same-Sex Weddings In Cuba,

     Pink News, 05/10/15


» ISIS Using 'Honeytraps' To Find Gay
    Men And Execute Them,

     Pink News, 05/09/15


» Gay Marriage Is 'Economic Sense'
    Say Australian Firms,

     BBC, 05/08/15


» Guam Gay Marriage Case Won't Wait
    For U.S. High Court Ruling,

     ABC / AP, 05/08/15


» Americans More Comfortable With Gay
    Pres. Candidate Than Evangelical,

     Gay Star News, 05/07/15


» Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge
    To Gay Conversion Therapy Ban,

     CBS, 05/06/15


» Japan Belatedly Joins Gay
    Rights Movement,

     USA Today, 05/06/15


» Trans Hawaiians Will No Longer Need To
    'Prove' Surgeries To Change Birth Certificate,

     The Advocate, 05/06/15







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   Who Are Teen's Two Moms,

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   Court Marriage Ruling,

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    Movement In Selma Commemoration,
The Advocate, 03/07/15


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   With New Laws,
Marriage News Watch, 02/02/15


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    Same-Sex Marriage?,
The Wall Street Journal, 01/12/15


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   Transgender Community And Supporters,

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   In Jeopardy,

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» Republicans, Voters React To Losing Rep.
   Aaron Johnson To Democrats,

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