5 Indispensable Tips for a Phenomenal Same-Sex Wedding

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The formalization of the union of two individuals is a special moment in the life of the couple, and the key to making this day memorable is to know what you want in it and then go out of your way to get it.

Challenges come with the realization that the things that make a day unique for a couple are a combination of many factors which vary with people and environments. This trend is the case for gay, as well as straight marriages.

For same-sex marriages, however, these factors are usually very much unknown. There is no history to learn from, no antecedents to follow. 

Gay couples want to be happy on their wedding day and celebrate with people who’re so glad for them, but they often don’t know how to achieve these. They want to prioritize their happiness on that day just as they want their guests to leave the venue feeling happy for them, but what happens when the things that make gay couples happy differ significantly from that of their guests?

For same-sex couples to have the unique wedding that they desire, they need to clarify their expectations for their wedding. These expectations should determine the wedding guest list, the wedding venue, and the wedding theme.

These should be the main focus of their wedding preparation, which they should execute with careful attention to details. We discuss the masterstrokes for a unique same-sex wedding in detail below.

Do Things Your Way

It’s your wedding, not your community’s wedding, so don’t start feeling constrained by traditions. Fortunately for same-sex couples, there’s probably no expectation of what your wedding should be like as you are probably the first in your area, so you have all the freedom to experiment.

You and your partner are unique, so go for only the things that make you both feel special. Create your My mother has traditions. It’s all about tying the knot with your partner, and anyhow you approach it is okay, provided it makes you both happy and leads you to that point where both of you exchange marital vows.

If you want to walk up the aisle alone, then that’s fine. If you’re going to toss a silk tie in the place of a garter, then go for it. If you and your partner want to share your wedding train rather than having separate bridesmaids and groomsmen, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your wedding, your special day, so you have all the freedom to decide on anything that makes you and your partner happy.

Choose an LGBTQ-Friendly Venue

Choosing an LGBTQ-friendly venue means you won’t have to deal with uncouth side attractions on a special day as your wedding day.

If you see a venue that interests you, one way to find out if it’s LGBTQ-friendly is by contacting the management to find out if their property has hosted an LGBTQ wedding before. If their answer comes in the negative, then consider looking elsewhere.

If you, however, decide to choose a venue that has no experience hosting LGBTQ weddings, then you need to get involved in customizing the site to fit your needs. It’d help if you also did coach the staff on how you would like your wedding executed and things you’d like to have around.

Choosing an LGBTQ-friendly venue for your wedding is always a challenging task as there aren’t many of them around. It’d help if you’re more innovative to surmount this.

Invite Only the Right People

Deciding whom to invite to your same-sex wedding can be a tricky task. You want all your family and friends present, but it’s highly probable that a substantial number of your family and friends are still not on board with same-sex marriage.

You realize your case is different, and that all those who’d have occupied the front row if yours was a traditional wedding might not be the right guests for your same-sex marriage. They might not feel good about your choice and the fact that you’ve got the right to make it.

The best way to have a wedding full of happy guests is to invite only the people who’re so glad for you. You should thus draw your list from family, friends, and associates whom you understand are entirely at home with your choice.

If other vital people in your life don’t approve of your choice, then you need to go to them, sit them down, and have an honest conversation with them about your planned wedding. If you end up bringing them on board, then, that’s fine; but if it doesn’t work out, that’s fine as well. Remember, it’s your wedding, and on that special day, anything that might spoil your mood is best kept at bay.

Plan Everything Ahead of Time

Planning everything ahead of time comes with the advantage that you’d be able to attend to every detail and ensure everything works as you expected.

Consider finding the right minister on time. It’s crucial to find a minister who supports or shares your values. If you and your partner are people of faith, finding a minister is not much of a hassle as there’re now many churches that support same-sex marriage.

If you’re not, however, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating a wedding that’s got no roots in religion. Religious preference is one of the things to be clear to your minister about ahead of time to avoid an awkward moment that might threaten the mood of the ceremony.

You also need to prepare the vows ahead of time. Agreed that traditional wedding vows are fantastic and are on everyone’s lips, but you can do better than repeating them on your same-sex wedding. Get creative! You can come up with something a little more special: a vow that suits you and your partner’s relationship and personality.

You don’t have to turn into a poet overnight, but it’s a beautiful thing if you do. Let the feelings you share with your partner take control of you, and let your words flow from the depth of your heart. Tell your partner how much you value them. Tell them how excited you feel going into marriage with them. Just tell them whatever your heart tells you.

To have your unique same-sex wedding, you and partner should also be making frequent trips to your fashion designer, caterer, and photographer ahead of time. These trips, as well, should be planned to avoid clashing schedules, speeding down the highways trying to make your appointments and rousing ticket-happy cops who would not hesitate to issue you a speeding ticket.

If you find yourself pressed for time with a need for speed, investing in a product that can alert you of speed traps before you get to them is well worth it. Owning this product means you won’t need to slow down on account of cops and won’t have to pay for any speeding ticket.

These’re all you need to plan ahead of time to get that unique wedding you deserve.

Have Mad Fun

Having a crazy party on your wedding day is not something to be told or taught. It’s your mood that should determine the amount of fun you have, and there’s no reason why your mood should restrain you from partying hard on your wedding day.

Just as with every other thing about same-sex weddings, there’s not much history from which you can learn. There is no reference on poses, dances, and all the nuances of a wedding. You need to get creative here and come up with something that thrills you, your partner, and your guests.

Forget tradition and the world outside. Live for the moment. That’s how to have crazy fun at your wedding.

If acting contrary to the above suggestion is fun to you, then go for it. That’s still what having crazy fun at your wedding is all about, doing it your way.

Concluding Remark

If you identify what you want very early, come up with a plan towards getting it, and set out to get it with passion and enthusiasm, then you are very much likely to get it. Here’s a philosophy of life you should consider applying to achieve your exceptional same-sex wedding.

The points listed above aren’t a formula: they’re a guide to getting the best of everything in this uncharted territory that same-sex marriage is. You don’t have to copy them: you follow them. This guide will eventually open your eyes to ideas you never imagined you’d come up with, and help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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