About Us


Equality Hawaii Foundation empowers LGBT people to lead healthy, successful lives. We celebrate our diversity and advocate for human rights protections for the LGBT communities of Hawaii.


Equality Hawaii Foundation strives to foster a more inclusive, safer, and welcoming community for all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.

Who We Are

Equality Hawaii Foundation is a community and cause website offering quality information on the LGBT community, covering trends, acceptance, legal issues, conflicts, and awareness. We provide a platform where our readers can be themselves, listen, share, practice acceptance, and offer to express their thoughts and feelings openly. We view our readers as equal and equally important. We listen and offer support.

Our website is an extensive resource for the LGBT community to find a safe space to learn and share their experience. We strive to support the LGBT communities of Hawaii by offering resources that help them connect regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation and be more aware of their rights. 

While we have been at the forefront for years, we still understand that our efforts would mean nothing if we do not raise awareness by helping, supporting, and training the LGBT communities of Hawaii. 

We work with other organizations, businesses, and well-wishers to make sure we offer quality resources and timely updates on news regarding the LGBT communities of Hawaii. 

Reach Us

Contact us today for all LGBT-related inquiries. We will not share or trade any personal information or reveal your identity without consent.



Jeric Rabal

Founder and ceo

Jason Moore

Head of financial

Abby Gale

Field manager

Kathy Chou

LGBT expert