Hawaii laws on children in school

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A new law was passed in Hawaii that requires children to be 5 years old before they can attend school. This is a result of the stagnant economy and state budget cuts that have taken place over the past few years. The idea behind this new law is to allow parents more time with their children so they are able to do things like play, learn, and explore before being forced into what many consider an adult world at such a young age.

In Hawaii, children who are 18 years old or younger must be enrolled in school. If the child is absent from school without an excuse, that could result in a fine and/or jail time for their parents. There is no minimum number of hours per day that a student needs to attend to be considered enrolled.

Schools also have the right to expel students if they disrupt other students’ educations by causing excessive noise, making threats against others, or engaging in fights on campus grounds. In addition to these rules about attendance and behavior at school, there are certain laws about what age you can work as well as restrictions on where minors can go after dark unaccompanied by an adult guardian.

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